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FortiBalancer 400 Application Delivery Controller

The Fortinet FortiBalancer400 Application Delivery Controller optimizes the availability, user experience, performance and scalability of mobile, cloud and enterprise application delivery from anywhere-to-anywhere
SKU: FBL-400
Manufacturer: Fortinet



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The Fortinet FortiBalancer™ 400 Application Delivery Controller is the entry level solution, ideal for small to medium enterprises wishing to accelerate application delivery and distribute load across applications both locally and globally. With all of the features of the larger models and a 2 Gbps throughput, the FortiBalancer-400 packs in a lot of performance for an entry level solution.

The FortiBalancer400 utilizes multi-core processor technology and ASIC acceleration for linear scalability. This enables the FortiBalancer400 to handle heavy Layer 4 through 7 traffic loads while delivering unmatched performance and scalability.

Since FortiBalancer appliances are fully aware of Layers 4 through 7 application traffic, connections, transactions, and content; IT departments can create event-driven policies for intelligent distribution of application traffic across web and application servers, while eliminating the need to replicate content across multiple servers

FortiBalancer-400 Benefits

  • 2 to 10 Gbps throughput and 1M to 8M concurrent connections allows for small enterprise through to cloudscale performance levels
  • Intelligent traffic management for optimized application delivery and availability
  • Server offloading for improved application acceleration, scale and TCO
  • Local/global load balancing and clustering for 99.999% application uptime
  • Built-in caching, compression, SSL processing and TCP connection multiplexing for 50% or more improvement in user experience
  • ASIC accelerated SSL offload for securing and protecting applications without impacting performance
  • Browser based Web user interface for ease of management
  • Appliance form factor for simplified deployment Features and Benefits DATASHEET


Throughput 2 Gbps
Max Connections 1M
Layer 7 RPS 140,000
SSL TPS 7,500
SSL Throughput 1Gbps
Memory 4GB
Port Configuration 4 x GbE