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LBX710 Link Balancer Failover Kit

Built to accommodate organizations of all sizes, the LBX710 offers upgrade paths to unlock additional capabilities and functions, providing scalability and investment protection. A “Failover Kit” includes two units, for maximum uptime.
SKU: LBX710Failover
Manufacturer: Elfiq Networks



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By combining links for incremental bandwidth, LBX700 users realize significant gains in productivity, uptime and reductions in operational costs through link balancing. The LBX700 Series’ design allows clients to balance links simply and securely to ensure business continuity and, balance traffic to meet and exceed their bandwidth needs.

A “Failover Kit” includes two units, for maximum uptime.

The LBX700 Series offers up to two virtualized Link Balancer instances into one physical hardware, allowing to safely balance public and private networks.

Customers can protect their investment by upgrading their new LBX710 and LBX720 devices to higher levels of performance.

With Elfiq Networks’ exclusive Layer-2 design for inline, transparent installation and utilization, organizations can use the LBX700 Series to manage and link load balance up to 14 ISP or private links with a total throughput of 800 Mbps.