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AVX 10650 Hardware, Dual Power Supplies, 2U, 128GB, 16x10GbE SFP+ ports

AVX10650 multi-tenant appliances provide fully independent ADC instances in a single appliance with guaranteed service performance and resource allocation.
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Multi-tenant virtualized appliance.  Maximum capacity of 4 large tenants, or 8 medium tenants, or 16 small tenants, or 32 entry tenants, and 70,000 SSL TPS 2K Keys. Must select one Capacity License Pack

Must select one Capacity License Pack

AVX 10650 Multi-tenant Virtualized Hardware Appliance

AVX7600 multi-tenant appliances provide fully independent ADC instances in a single appliance with guaranteed service performance and resource allocation.

The AVX7600 is a 2RU dual-power appliance that supports 8 independent instances, each supporting all APV Series load balancing and app delivery features and each supporting 7Gbps L4 throughput, 8.5K 2048-bit SSL TPS and 4Gbps SSL throughput via dedicated CPU, SSL and I/O resources.

Application Delivery Architecture

Highlights & Benefits

  • Multi-tenant appliance supporting 8 instances. Each instance supports 7 Gbps L7 throughput, 8.5K 2048-bit SSL TPS, and 4 Gbps SSL throughput to support multiple tenants, applications, or other divisions
  • Integrated Layer-4 and Layer-7 server load balancing, link load balancing, global server load balancing, connection multiplexing, SSL acceleration, caching, compression, traffic shaping, IPv6 and Web application security
  • High-performance, kernel-level Layer-7 policy engine for enabling customizable application traffic management without impacting performance or scalability
  • Industry-leading performance and $/SSL TPS for 2048-bit SSL with advanced client certificate handling for secure application support and easy application integration
  • Multi-level security including a hardened OS, reverse-proxy architecture and kernel-level Web firewall for guarding applications without impacting performance
  • Delivers 99.999% application availability, up to 5x application acceleration and provides a first line of defense for Web-enabled applications and cloud services
  • Offloads Web and application servers for increased efficiency, capacity and return on investment (ROI)
  • Intelligently load balances traffic across optimal WAN links to reduce costs and improve the performance of business-critical applications
  • Application-specific certifications, guides and policies for rapid deployment and accelerated delivery of business-critical enterprise applications
  • ePolicy L7 application scripting and eRoute L4 routing for custom control of application traffic
  • IPv6 gold certified for IPv4 preservation, IPv4/6 translation and IPv6 migration
  • OpenStack load balancing-as-a-service (LBaaS) integration, Array eCloud SOAP API and XML-RPC for seamless interaction with cloud management systems and 3rd party monitoring solutions
  • Extensible SOAP API for ease of integration with VMware vCenter Orchestrator and Microsoft System Center
  • N+1 clustering for up to 32 hardware or virtual instances, single system image and stateful TCP failover for industry-leading availability and scalability
  • Space-efficient, redundant-power hardware appliances that consume 10-35% less power versus alternative solutions
  • Familiar CLI, intuitive WebUI and centralized management for ease of use and configuration

vAPV Virtual ADC

Local server load balancing, as well as both global server load balancing (GSLB) and link load balancing (LLB) ensure application uptime in the event that servers, ISP links, network segments or data centers become overburdened or unresponsive.

SSL offloading, connection multiplexing, caching, compression and traffic shaping accelerate Web and application performance while significantly improving the efficiency of network connections and back end servers.

A purpose-built, ‘Heartbleed proof’ SSL encryption stack, in addition to a reverse proxy architecture, kernel-level ACLs, packet filtering, DDoS protection and WebWall application security suite, ensure security for business-critical applications.

Ensure persistence, create Layer-7 content switching rules that direct application traffic to specific servers, and manipulate HTTP headers to enhance application functionality without the need for additional application development.

Management & Orchestration
Use Array’s eCloud RESTful API to enable orchestration of app delivery functions from cloud and virtualization management platforms including VMware vRealize Orchestrator, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and OpenStack Neutron LBaaS.

vxAG Virtual SSL VPN

Access Methods
Select from a range of access methods including Layer-3 network level connectivity, application-level access, Web access and RDP access to physical and virtual desktops via a unified client that provides a superior mix of flexibility, control and security.

Authentication, Authorization & Auditing (AAA)
Device-based pre-authentication, dual and multi-factor authentication using Duo, RSA, Syferlock and others, per-user policy engine for identity-based access to URLs, files, networks and applications, and extensive logs and statistics.

End-to-End Security
High-performance 2048-bit SSL encryption, endpoint security including device-based identification, host-checking, cache cleaning and adaptive policies for guarding servers and applications against attack.

Secure mobile access from iOS and Android smart phones and tablets with support for VPN on demand, a secure browser for HTML5 apps, remote access to physical and virtual desktops and integrated mobile application management.

User Experience
Up to 256 secure access portals per vxAG instance, each fully customizable to the security and usability preferences of multiple tenants and communities of interest, and Array’s SpeedCore® architecture for delivering industry-leading performance.

Service Levels

Gold Service Includes: Software Updates, Repair & Return, E-Mail Support, Support Web Site, 24X7 Phone Support, Software Upgrade, and Advance Replacement

Silver Service Includes: Software Updates, Repair & Return, E-Mail Support, Support Web Site, 12X5 Phone Support and Software Upgrade

Bronze Service Includes: Software Updates, E-Mail Support, Support Web Site, and Software Upgrade