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AVX 7600 Hardware, Dual Power Supplies, 2U, 64GB, 8x10GbE SFP+ ports

2RU dual power virtualized appliance with 64Gbps of throughput that hosts up to 16 independent vAPV or vxAG virtual appliance instances
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Multi-tenant virtualized appliance.  Maximum capacity of 2 large tenants, or 4 medium tenants, or 8 small tenants, or 16 entry tenants, and 35,000 SSL TPS 2K Keys.

Must select one Capacity License Pack

AVX7600 Multi-Tenant Application Delivery Controller

AVX7600 multi-tenant appliances provide fully independent ADC instances in a single appliance with guaranteed service performance and resource allocation.

The AVX7600 is a 2RU dual-power appliance that supports 8 independent instances, each supporting all APV Series load balancing and app delivery features and each supporting 7Gbps L4 throughput, 8.5K 2048-bit SSL TPS and 4Gbps SSL throughput via dedicated CPU, SSL and I/O resources.

Application Delivery Architecture

Highlights & Benefits

  • Multi-tenant appliance supporting 8 instances. Each instance supports 7 Gbps L7 throughput, 8.5K 2048-bit SSL TPS, and 4 Gbps SSL throughput to support multiple tenants, applications, or other divisions
  • Integrated Layer-4 and Layer-7 server load balancing, link load balancing, global server load balancing, connection multiplexing, SSL acceleration, caching, compression, traffic shaping, IPv6 and Web application security
  • High-performance, kernel-level Layer-7 policy engine for enabling customizable application traffic management without impacting performance or scalability
  • Industry-leading performance and $/SSL TPS for 2048-bit SSL with advanced client certificate handling for secure application support and easy application integration
  • Multi-level security including a hardened OS, reverse-proxy architecture and kernel-level Web firewall for guarding applications without impacting performance
  • Delivers 99.999% application availability, up to 5x application acceleration and provides a first line of defense for Web-enabled applications and cloud services
  • Offloads Web and application servers for increased efficiency, capacity and return on investment (ROI)
  • Intelligently load balances traffic across optimal WAN links to reduce costs and improve the performance of business-critical applications
  • Application-specific certifications, guides and policies for rapid deployment and accelerated delivery of business-critical enterprise applications
  • ePolicy™ L7 application scripting and eRoute™ L4 routing for custom control of application traffic
  • IPv6 gold certified for IPv4 preservation, IPv4/6 translation and IPv6 migration
  • OpenStack load balancing-as-a-service (LBaaS) integration, Array eCloud™ SOAP API and XML-RPC for seamless interaction with cloud management systems and 3rd party monitoring solutions
  • Extensible SOAP API for ease of integration with VMware vCenter Orchestrator and Microsoft System Center
  • N+1 clustering for up to 32 hardware or virtual instances, single system image and stateful TCP failover for industry-leading availability and scalability
  • Space-efficient, redundant-power hardware appliances that consume 10-35% less power versus alternative solutions
  • Familiar CLI, intuitive WebUI and centralized management for ease of use and configuration

Gold Service Includes: Software Updates, Repair & Return, E-Mail Support, Support Web Site, 24X7 Phone Support, Software Upgrade, and Advance Replacement

Silver Service Includes: Software Updates, Repair & Return, E-Mail Support, Support Web Site, 12X5 Phone Support and Software Upgrade

Bronze Service Includes: Software Updates, E-Mail Support, Support Web Site, and Software Upgrade