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vAPV instance license for two virtual CPUs

vAPV instance license for two virtual CPUs
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The vAPV virtual application delivery controller runs on virtualized servers and industry-standard hypervisors to flexibly enable on-demand, full-featured load balancing and app delivery whenever and wherever it is needed.

vAPV Virtual Application Delivery Controllers

Bridging the Gap for ADCs
Array vAPV virtual application delivery controllers improve the availability, performance and security of applications and Websites in cloud and virtual environments and provide unmatched flexibility in provisioning scalable, on-demand load balancing services.

Virtual Application Delivery Controllers for Cloud and Virtualized Environments
Powered by Array’s award-winning 64-bit SpeedCore™ architecture, vAPV virtual application delivery controllers extend Array’s proven price-performance and rich feature set to public and private clouds and virtualized datacenter environments. vAPV virtual application delivery controllers give enterprises and service providers the agility to offer on-demand load balancing services, dynamically allocate resources to maximize ROI on application infrastructure and develop and size new application environments using either private or public clouds.

Application Delivery Architecture

Highlights & Benefits

  • Virtual appliances with software upgrades from 10 Mbps to 4 Gbps to scale-up and scale-out as needed; also available on popular public cloud marketplaces such as AWS and Azure
  • Integrated Layer-4 and Layer-7 server load balancers, link load balancers, global server load balancers, connection multiplexing, SSL acceleration, caching, compression, traffic shaping, IPv6 and Web application security
  • High-performance, kernel-level Layer-7 policy engine for enabling customizable application traffic management without impacting performance or scalability
  • Industry-leading performance and $/SSL TPS for 2048-bit SSL with advanced client certificate handling for secure application support and easy application integration
  • Software SSL offloading from Web and application servers, and optional hybrid virtual/dedicated hardware SSL offloading
  • Multi-level security including a hardened OS, reverse-proxy architecture and kernel-level Web firewall for guarding applications without impacting performance
  • Delivers 99.999% application availability, up to 5x application acceleration and provides a first line of defense for Web-enabled applications and cloud services

Gold Service Includes: Software Updates, Repair & Return, E-Mail Support, Support Web Site, 24X7 Phone Support, Software Upgrade, and Advance Replacement

Silver Service Includes: Software Updates, Repair & Return, E-Mail Support, Support Web Site, 12X5 Phone Support and Software Upgrade

Bronze Service Includes: Software Updates, E-Mail Support, Support Web Site, and Software Upgrade