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Thunder ADC 930

Thunder ADC 930 Premium Next-generation Application Delivery Controller
SKU: A10Thunder-ADC-930
Manufacturer: A10 Networks

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Premium Next-generation Application Delivery Controller

A10 Networks’ Thunder™ ADC product line of high-performance, next-generation application delivery controllers enables customers’ applications to be highly available, accelerated, and secure. Thunder ADC delivers performance scalability up to 150 Gbps, the broadest range of form factors (physical, virtual and hybrid) and expanded system resources designed to support future feature needs.

The A10 Thunder ADC product line is built upon A10's Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) platform, with its Symmetric Scalable Multi-Core Processing (SSMP) software architecture that delivers high performance and a range of deployment options for dedicated, hosted or cloud data centers.

  • Application availability for customer satisfaction
    Enable web and key infrastructure servers to scale seamlessly to meet demand and ensure business continuity.
  • Application acceleration for efficient operations
    Provide fast and responsive service for competitive advantage and reduced infrastructure requirements for both application delivery and critical services, driving down CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Security for compliance and risk reduction
    Protect against advanced and emerging attacks for uninterrupted operations, brand protection, and revenue loss while meeting required regulatory compliance obligations for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other regulations.

A10 Thunder ADC delivers critical services in the most efficient hardware- and software-based form factors. Thunder ADC product line maximizes rack space and reduces power consumption (via optimal ADC CPU and memory optimization, infrastructure optimization, and overall data center cooling).


Layer 4 CPS 200k
Layer 4 HTTP RPS 1 million
Layer 7 CPS (1:1)*1 50k
SSL CPS (1024/2048) 1.9k / 400
DDoS Protection (SYN Flood) SYN/sec 2 million
Application Delivery Partitions (ADP) L3V 32
Network Interface  
1 GE Copper 6
1 GE Fiber (SFP) 2
1/10 GE Fiber (SFP+) 2
40 GE Fiber (QSFP+) 0
100 GE Fiber (CXP) 0