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aGalaxy Centralized Management Solution

The A10 Networks aGalaxy Centralized Management System delivers everything that organizations need to gain network visibility and control.
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Optimize Operations with Global Monitoring and Management

Large enterprises and service providers face a similar problem: they need to effciently manage networking and security policies across large, geographically distributed data centers. These organizations require a global view of their application environment to rapidly identify and remediate issues and ensure that policies are consistently enforced. And, most importantly, they need a unified platform that can scale with their network.

aGalaxy scales to manage hundreds of A10 Networks Thunder® ADC line of Application Delivery Controllers or A10 Networks Thunder TPS™ line of Threat Protection Systems, streamlining operations and lowering IT costs. With aGalaxy centralized management system, administrators can monitor and comprehensively analyze their A10 Thunder ADC and Thunder TPS deployments, so they can view Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in real time and drill down to see the number of current connections handled by an individual appliance.

A10 aGalaxy Architecture and Components

Maximize IT Agility and Security

As network operators embrace web scale and DevOps practices such as agile development, they need to quickly provision changes, identify issues and roll back configuration when necessary. aGalaxy centralized management system makes it easy to assess the application environment and push out policies to dozens or even hundreds of Thunder ADC or Thunder TPS appliances at once.

Stop DDoS Attacks with Laser Precision

Security administrators have their own, unique set of challenges. They must swiftly detect and mitigate DDoS attacks to prevent downtime, often in diverse locations. aGalaxy can collect sFlow data as well as integrate with DDoS detection systems to identify DDoS incidents. Security administrators can then centrally apply granular policies to block attack traffc and monitor the results of their policy updates from a single pane of glass.

A10 aGalaxy Platforms

Simplified Device Management

  • Real-time and centralized management 
  • Configuration, backup and restore 
  • Central SSL management, including certificate and key retrieval, storage, deployment and expiration alert 
  • Centralized management for upgrades and image upgrade repository 
  • Reboot and shutdown features 
  • Configuration deployment and comparison 
  • aFleX TCL scripting management, including retrieval, storage and deployment 

Event Management and Reporting

  • Events categorized by severity, event ID and more 
  • Accurate information for network availability, usage, performance and inventory 
  • Searchable audit logs that track username, IP address and time of login 
  • Data consolidation across multiple panels into real-time web dashboard 
  • Dynamic dashboard monitoring
  • Wizard-based system configuration
  • Uptime history
  • Customizable event alerts/alarms

Advanced Management

  • Role-based access control management
  • External authentication that supports RADIUS and TACACS+
  • Black and white lists with bandwidth and access limitations