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LoadMaster LM-8020

LoadMaster 8020 provides optimized performance for high transaction web infrastructures
SKU: LM-8020
Manufacturer: Kemp Technologies

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Intelligent Application Delivery for Large Scale Workloads

The LoadMaster 8020 appliance represents the ultimate in application delivery performance and functionality for high volume environments. It offers the best quality of experience for connected uses with throughput of over 30Gbps and advanced application delivery features that maintain performance by intelligently adapting to changing network environments. Appliances may be configured as a highly available pair and use the built in global server load balancing for resilient application delivery across sites and in the data center.

The 8020 enables secure and scalable delivery of enterprise workloads such as SAP® and Oracle® and can support over 75 million concurrent connections. Configuration is simplified via the use of application templates which are included for all the major application workloads including Microsoft® Exchange, Skype® for Business and Sharepoint®.

  • 6 X 10Gb SFP+ Direct Attach Ports
  • 30 Gbps L7 balancer throughput
  • SSL TPS (2K Keys): 30,000
  • SSL TPS (1K Keys): 46,000
  • Servers Supported: 1,000 Physical /1,000 Virtual
  • L4 Concurrent Connections: 75,800,000

The security of applications is enhanced with features such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF), intrusion detection and authentication services while application resilience to network bottlenecks is delivered with SDN Adaptive. SDN Adaptive integrates with leading SDN controllers to intelligently deliver applications using not only application level health checks but also SDN performance and status metrics.

Kemp LoadBalancer Deployment

Features and Benefits

  • High performance Layer 4 and Layer 7 load balancing: Consistent delivery of high volume enterprise application workloads
  • Java, PowerShell and RESTful APIs: Simplified orchestration and management of appliances using existing tools
  • Highly available pairs with stateful failover: Easily meet application delivery SLAs with HA and global server load balancing
  • SSL acceleration and offload: Reduced server overhead and improved end user experience
  • Web Application Firewall Pack (AFP): Protect applications against known and emerging vulnerabilities and simplify PCI compliance
  • SDN Adaptive load balancing: Avoid service degradation due to network issues by including SDN metrics in load balancing decision
  • Compression and caching of content: Reduces internal network latency and optimizes bandwidth for best possible client experience
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS): Thwarts application threats in both non-encrypted and encrypted traffic streams
  • Dual power: supplies Increased service resilience